Champions Celebrity Sign Olympic Gold Medal-Winning Boxer Audley Harrison MBE

Champions Celebrity Sign Olympic Gold Medal-Winning Boxer Audley Harrison MBE

Audley Harrison

It is our pleasure to announce the signing of Audley Harrison MBE, the 2000 Olympic Super Heavyweight boxing champion and former holder of the European Heavyweight title. Audley took the difficult decision to retire in March 2015 after a professional career of fourteen years and is now looking to make the same kind of impact as a motivational speaker and brand ambassador as he did in the fight game.

The former southpaw is one of the biggest characters in recent British boxing history and his gold medal-winning performances at the 1998 Commonwealth in Kuala Lumpur and at the Sydney Olympics led to a transformation in the funding of young boxers. The wave of talent we now see enjoying victories at both Commonwealth and Olympic level is in part due to his legacy.

Upon signing with Champions Celebrity, Audley said, “Since retiring from boxing recently, I’ve had to make adjustments and set myself fresh goals and give myself new mountains to climb. I did an enormous amount of research into who would best represent my interests and support my new objectives going forward. I analysed the situation and came to the conclusion that Champions Celebrity was the clear choice.”

 “When I look at what they’ve done for Kellie Maloney, it’s incredible. I hear they’re doing great things with Sam Bailey too and their work for Derek Redmond and his speaking career is most definitely something I’m interested in pursuing further. After a troubled youth and bad choices in my life, I was able to turn things around, so I want to share those experiences, especially with disadvantaged young people, and teach them how to make positive decisions about the path they want to follow.”

 “The whole team and set-up at Champions fit nicely with the way I see the future and I’m very excited about working with them.”

 To learn more about Audley and how he can help your company’s brand or next event, call Amelia Neate on 08453 31 30 31 or email