Heat Holders

Heat Holders

Heat Holders are quite simply "the ultimate thermal socks".  With a 2.34 tog rating, they have been produced using a unique three-stage knitting process that locks in warmth and provides comfort.

What this means is that Heat Holders customers can be certain that wearing Heat Holders will keep their feet warm like no other sock has before.

Two years were dedicated to creating this sock, as Heat Holders re-tooled and completely redesigned their machinery to achieve what we envisaged. Once built, the new machines were able to produce an extra long looped pile, which succeeded in locking in far more warm air close to the skin which is the fundamental key to thermal insulation.

Yarn mixes were routinely tested and discarded until the final blend was discovered - a warm cashmere-like feel that was incredibly soft to touch and comfortable to wear. Finally, the team at Heat Hodlers developed an intense brushing process, the method a closely guarded secret to this day which maximises air pockets in turn maximising total warmth, comfort and overall thermal protection.

Whether you lead an active lifestyle outdoors or simply want the perfect sock to keep you warm as you watch television in your living room, Heat Holders aere the perfect choice to banish cold feet! 

Due to the overwhelming popularity of Heat Holders, the range has expanded to include thermal underwear, hats and gloves. Heat Holders have also expanded their range into the USA and Canada.