Workforce are a new concept in socks and men's underwear, creating comfortable and durable socks that are capable of withstanding the pressures of high intensity jobs. 

Protecting yourself whilst working in difficult conditions is of paramount importance for all construction and engineering professionals.  With so many different types of protection equipment and clothing available, it is vital to protect and support all parts of your body, including your feet. 

Workforce offer a diverse sock range designed to provide the perfect solution to the problems of uncomfortable feet experienced by many when they are working outside or in challenging circumstances.

The range of socks includes designs with advanced technology such as arch support, terry cushion panels, anatomically constructed left and right feet, Silverplus™ technology and heavy gauge rib, all engineered to provide the wearer with the comfort and security they need to work better and more safely for a wide range of different tasks.

The range offers styles that can be easily chosen for their unique features, with a bespoke design suited to different tasks and footwear.  Workforce Long Boot Socks offer increased support to the heel, toe and arch areas, ensuring greater durability and the specially developed Construction Sock brings together a combination of fantastic features that work with the requirements of a wide range of construction professionals.

The Workforce range is supported by celebrity builder and DIY expert, television’s Tommy Walsh.  Tommy knows how important it is to have the best clothing and footwear for when he is working and his socks are no different.  Workforce has provided him with a wide range of socks that he can wear with all of his different work footwear, bringing comfort, practicality, style and safety to his everyday workwear.

“Workforce are the hardest wearing socks I’ve ever worn and also the most comfortable. They provide me with the comfort and protection I need when I’m working hard or when I’m out and about. They’re warm, but never get too hot; they’re padded, extra strong and fit comfortably with my working boots and shoes. I don’t know how they’ve done it, but Workforce have a range of socks ideal for workwear purposes” – Tommy Walsh