Farmfoods TV Advertising

Farmfoods TV Advertising

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Planning and execution of television adverts for Farmfoods’ 2014 national advertising campaign on ITV.


Champions (UK) plc worked meticulously with Farmfoods over a three month period to plan, create and execute their television advertising campaign for the start of 2014 on ITV. We began with initial concept ideas for the basis of the television advert which we then put into various storyboards for review with Farmfoods. Part of this process involved securing a celebrity ambassador for the advert. Renowned Strictly Come Dancing judge, Len Goodman, was selected to feature in the adverts as well as other advertising mediums such as a promotional leaflet and national newspaper advertising media.

Champions (UK) plc organised and managed the production of the television advert at one of Farmfoods’ flagship stores.

This encompassed site planning, production planning, script writing, voiceovers with Len Goodman, selecting and managing extras and overseeing the filming process throughout the day.

The final stages involved making sure all the legalities were adhered to and the necessary paperwork completed right through to getting the final adverts to air on ITV.