multiVAPE Brand Creation & Product Packaging

multiVAPE Brand Creation & Product Packaging


To provide multiVAPE with complete product packaging for a series of new product lines, including a mod device, a variety of e-liquid flavours and supplementary accessories, as well as a complex Point of Sale unit to house the devices in store.


Working with both Champions (UK) plc’s creative and marketing departments, the multiVAPE packaging was designed and developed in full. The complexity of the product components dictated that there needed to be a high level of technical information, health advice and safety warnings.

It was vital to include manufacturing information and ensure that the product was visible through the box itself, where necessary.

The multiVAPE line was designed to sit alongside the multiCIG parent brand in stores and it was essential to design a Point of Sale unit that allowed individual items to be clearly visible, correctly displaying the variety available.

Champions (UK) plc’s creative team worked with the marketing department to calculate all measurements, create prototype boxes, develop exterior design and ensure that all necessary information was clearly visible on an appealing and attractive packaging design.

It was also essential to create a strong brand identity across the product range as a whole, with cohesive box design and proportions across all items.