Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Management

Sponsorship arrangements can make a huge impact on your event and on your company. As an experienced brand agency, Champions (UK) plc work with some of the most dynamic and exciting companies in the country. We will use this experience to source the best sponsorship opportunities for your company or your event.

Whether you are a company looking to increase your profile by sponsoring an event or you have an event that you would like boosted by the input and support of sponsors, at Champions (UK) plc, we will generate key sponsorship agreements that will guarantee brand success.

We arrange a number of different types and combinations of sponsorship packages, such as the following;

  • Goodie Bags
  • Drink Sponsorships
  • Licensing
  • Gift Sponsorships
  • Media Tie-Ins

Award Sponsorship

Champions (UK) plc project manages and event organises 8 Sports and Business Awards across the West and East Midlands. We work in Partnership with regional newspapers such as the Leicester Mercury, Nottingham Post and the Trinity Mirror, and the awards receive a significant amount of coverage in those publications during campaigns which last for a number of months.

There are several different sponsorship opportunities for each award campaign, including headline sponsorship, category sponsorship, champagne sponsorship and more.

For our current sponsorship opportunities see below;

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Or click here to download as a pdf.