multiCIG Consumer PR Campaign

multiCIG Consumer PR Campaign


To execute a successful and high profile public relations activity for multiCIG, providing expert commentary on industry developments, driving consumer enquiry levels and creating a strong brand presence throughout regional and national media.


Champions (UK) plc used our combined experience to create and distribute a range of press releases, focussing on a variety of different brand areas and developing multiCIG’s profile to ensure that there continues to be an increasing level of uptake within the press and media.

As part of the dynamic and fast paced e-cigarette industry, it is essential that the brand remains at the forefront of the national press and media, achieving coverage within a range of national and regional publications.

All public relations activity has been accompanied by a completely managed social media campaign, ensuring that there is continual interaction with the brand’s consumer base, as well as a range of promotional activities that link through to the brand’s online presence.

As with any activity, Champions (UK) plc remains focussed on driving sales. Therefore all public relations and social media undertaken continue to inform both existing and prospective consumers of the benefits of using multiCIG, the great product line available, new-tomarket items and the brand’s involvement with the industry as a whole.