Champions (UK) plc Doubles Size of HQ

Champions (UK) plc Doubles Size of HQ

Champions (UK) plc Head Office

Champions (UK) plc moved into the first incarnation of our offices in September 2009 and will be forever thankful for the meticulous approach of those involved in the initial build. From design concept to final sign-off, Paul Thurlby of Gordon White & Hood Architects ensured that the building lived up to the prerequisites of a rapidly expanding company. Appreciation is also due to Neil Footitt of Moore Construction, whose management of the office build six years ago guaranteed an excellent home for Champions (UK) plc that has stood the test of increasing staff to well over double the number who initially moved in.

Champions (UK) plc’s new office project has been supported by the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership, the Government’s Regional Growth Fund and the European Regional Development Fund. The Regional Growth Fund supports programmes that raise private sector investment that creates economic growth and lasting employment. Since launch in 2010, the Regional Growth Fund has invested £2.85 billion and is set to create over half a million jobs by the mid-2020s.  

Champions (UK) plc recommissioned Paul Thurlby of Gordon White & Hood for the new extension and brought onboard SLM Builders and Ventola Projects in late 2014. The construction of the offices has been a resounding success and staff moved into the new premises just five months after the build started, with the fit and finish of the build representative of both SLM and Ventola’s incredibly high standards. 

The new extension to the offices has doubled the size of the existing building. Featuring state of the art meeting facilities, a custom studio for the Creative department featuring our very own photography room and three extensive offices that will house new staff to fill the vacancies within Champions (UK) plc’s thriving five departments, including the Champions After Dinner Speakers agency. 

Champions (UK) plc’s future gets brighter by the day and with the addition of a new building, extended workforce and the diversification of the firm into new marketplaces, this trend looks to continue far into the future. Champions (UK) plc’s unquenchable thirst for return on investment for both its clients and internally has become the lifeblood of the business and ensures that we will remain one of the most creatively diverse and effective brand agencies in the country.  

To find out more about how Champions (UK) plc can boost your brand, call our head office on +44 1509 85 29 27 today.