We work in a way unlike anyone else in the industry, with five specialist departments under one roof all pulling together to deliver, from concept to execution, first class campaigns focused on maximising our clients return on their investment in us. This allows us to be highly flexible in the approach we take to each project and gives our clients the advantage of dealing with one point of contact for all of their needs, rather than facing the complexities involved in engaging a number of different and disconnected agencies. Dealing with Champions (UK) plc also means you contend with just one agency margin.


Creative marketing is not just about making noise, it is also about listening. Every project we undertake begins with us listening to your objectives and forming a comprehensive picture of your business goals. We work closely with our creative team to provide a tailor-made package that allows us to devise a bespoke marketing strategy with clear aims and measurable results.


Public Relations is the vital communication tool that drives brands forward, maximising their success. At Champions (UK) plc we understand the marketing place that you need to access and we form comprehensive public relations packages that will actively boost your brands.


Every event is a unique opportunity to boost your brands and increase your sales. We work with a diverse range of organisations and our team is carefully structured to be able to manage any of your requirements, taking care of every step of the process from conception to completion.


We have a dedicated celebrity management team, offering you and your brands the opportunity to add true star quality to your products. With an impressive selection of high profile celebrity clients, we are perfectly placed to provide brands with celebrity endorsement and ambassadors, adding prestige and attracting potential customers with the added bonus they offer.