Champions strike new partnership with Which? top ranking energy firm, Outfox the Market

Matthew Hayes
Managing Director
Outfox the market

The energy provider has sought the help of Champions’ strategic communications services in order to build on its reputation of excellent customer satisfaction, following a top position ranking in the Which? annual energy survey.

In winning the coveted number one spot, Outfox the Market has beaten the likes of Big Six names, such as British Gas and npower. And now, Champions has been brought on board to build on the positive recognition, in order to widen the company’s reach and offer more customers access to high level customer service and clean energy supply, which is another USP of the firm.

Speaking about the new partnership, Champions’ managing director, Matthew Hayes, explains how Outfox the Market’s focus on customer satisfaction is just one of the many reasons the two businesses are the perfect fit.

“At Champions, the quality of service we provide to our clients is a pivotal part of our approach and business model. Each one of our services, whether that be communications, digital, creative, events, talent or a strategy-led solution, is underpinned by a human-to-human ethos, ensuring that the pride and care we bring to our work is communicated to our customers at every chance.

“We take the time to understand the people on the other end of the phone, or screen these days, and go above and beyond to provide a solution-focused service that is bespoke to their needs. With Outfox the Market taking a parallel stance to ensure its customers’ needs are met to a similar standard, we are sure this new partnership is the right fit for us both.”

As well as high quality service, Outfox the Market prides itself on offering only clean energy supply to its customers, with 100% of its provision coming from a renewable source. Not only is this source environmentally friendly, but the offshore UK windfarms used to generate this energy, are also helping the business improve its contribution to our domestic economy.

As such, the partnership is also strengthening Champions’ efforts towards a sustainable future, which close links with similarly focused businesses, such as Delta Global, Smarter Business and Outfox the Market’s sister company, Fischer Future Heat are only the beginning of.

Together, we will be on track to meet the government’s goal of net zero by 2050. And particularly, with all these businesses operating out of the Leicestershire area, the significance of a strength in numbers approach to achieve such a goal locally first, is becoming increasingly apparent.

But with our reach and expertise, we are certain of our ability to help Outfox the Market become more accessible to customers seeking a fair, value for money, alternative energy supply on a national level, too.

Expressing his enthusiasm on the alliance with Champions, Keith Bastian, CEO of the Leicestershire based energy company said: “We are excited to be working with another like-minded business in the Leicester area, who will be able to assist us in helping more customers reduce their carbon footprints and allow them to join the fight to combat the climate crisis.

“And as Champions understand the importance of excellent customer service, all this can be achieved without sacrificing that as our central focus.”

Discover more about Outfox the Market’s coveted offering here.

Matthew Hayes
Managing Director