Woman in front of the sun set
Gary Knight
Gary Knight | 25th July 2018
So finally the puff of smoke has risen from the ITV Towers ( sadly not my beloved LWT building as that is now being turned into luxury flats, but rather its Holborn HQ , lovingly known as ‘ Hogwarts’ by ITV insiders ) & the ‘Sun Queen’, Dame…
Lord Taverners
Roxanna Hayes
Roxanna Hayes | 30th June 2018
On September 9th of 2018, Champions UK plc is set to host one of the most celebrated cricket events of the year. Reviving a rich cultural tradition and propelling it forward into the 21st century, the event will see the famed Authors XI take on The…
Pringoals Marketing Campaign
Amy Coleman
Amy Coleman | 21st June 2018
If the flags outside houses and chanting on the streets isn’t enough to give it away, the summer chaos of sport has officially begun. Whether you are a fan of the game or not, the world cup sees almost everyone jump on the quadrennial bandwagon.
Rainbows Charity Ball Listing Image
Roxanna Hayes
Roxanna Hayes | 06th June 2018
As a biggest charity fundraising event, this month we celebrated the return of our annual Rainbows Charity ball. Held at London’s Grand Dorchester, welcomed back an array of familiar-faces and high-profile celebrities that span the fields of…