Lord Taverners
Roxanna Hayes
Roxanna Hayes | 30th June 2018
On September 9th of 2018, Champions UK plc is set to host one of the most celebrated cricket events of the year. Reviving a rich cultural tradition and propelling it forward into the 21st century, the event will see the famed Authors XI take on The…
Pringoals Marketing Campaign
Amy Coleman
Amy Coleman | 21st June 2018
If the flags outside houses and chanting on the streets isn’t enough to give it away, the summer chaos of sport has officially begun. Whether you are a fan of the game or not, the world cup sees almost everyone jump on the quadrennial bandwagon.
Rainbows Charity Ball Listing Image
Roxanna Hayes
Roxanna Hayes | 06th June 2018
As a biggest charity fundraising event, this month we celebrated the return of our annual Rainbows Charity ball. Held at London’s Grand Dorchester, welcomed back an array of familiar-faces and high-profile celebrities that span the fields of…
Gary Knight
Gary Knight | 14th March 2018
'The Quest,' one of the 8 (or so) classic Storytelling formats. Whether it was King Arthur searching for the elusive Holy Grail or the various gangs in GOT who are lusting to get their hands on the Iron Throne - it's always been a thrilling…