Rainbows Charity Ball Listing Image
Roxanna Hayes
Roxanna Hayes | 06th June 2018
As a biggest charity fundraising event, this month we celebrated the return of our annual Rainbows Charity ball. Held at London’s Grand Dorchester, welcomed back an array of familiar-faces and high-profile celebrities that span the fields of…
Gary Knight
Gary Knight | 14th March 2018
'The Quest,' one of the 8 (or so) classic Storytelling formats. Whether it was King Arthur searching for the elusive Holy Grail or the various gangs in GOT who are lusting to get their hands on the Iron Throne - it's always been a thrilling…
Google Analytics
Roxanna Hayes
Roxanna Hayes | 28th February 2018
Taking another step towards further enhancing the services offered by Champions (UK) plc, our talented Sales team is proud to have become Google Certified. Offered as part of Google’s very own training programme, The Google Analytics Individual…
AD Spend
Rebecca Edwards
Rebecca Edwards | 10th February 2018
The third quarter of 2017 saw a historic moment as ad spend on mobile platforms overtook TV spend for the first time. Accounting for around 25% of the total ad spend, mobile spending surged 31% from 2016’s £1.3 billion to £5.4 billion. And this…