The 5 Best Free UX Testing Tools for 2018

The 5 Best Free UX Testing Tools for 2018.

As users continue to be at the heart of everything we as businesses do, user experience design continues to be a central component of digital success. Focused on improving your customers’ online experience and increasing business leads, UX design is one of the most important elements of digital marketing. In order to ascertain which approaches work and which ones don’t, digital marketers will at some point have to turn to UX testing. With this in mind, we decided to share five of the best free UX testing tools available in 2018.


Clickheat is a popular tool focused on providing insight into your website’s UX by way of heat mapping. The software gives its users a visual representation of a webpage’s ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ areas, helping you to identify the elements of your website that users are most interested in. Once you have this information, you can set about tailoring your website in a way that is most likely to capitalise on opportunities that your current UX design prevents you from doing.

Specifically designed to be open source, Clickheat can be further developed by your web team; making it a very attractive option for those wanting to improve their website’s usability.

Google Optimize

Google Optimize provides an array of benefits for those wanting to get involved with user testing.

With the ability to carry out both multivariate and A/B Testing, you can experiment with text styling, copy and the page layout. Besides testing on-page features, you can also conduct redirect tests where you see if one landing pages is more useful than another.

To make platform easier for web teams and marketers to use, Google Optimize also provides integration with several other helpful Google tools, including Google Analytics and Google Ads.

Incorporating an array of further features, Google Optimize is an ideal choice for those looking for free UX testing software. After you’ve had a chance to use the solution free of charge, you could always consider investing in its paid variant, Google Optimize 360, later on.


SurveyMonkey provides crucial insight into your website UX through the use of online surveys.

The cloud-based software enables you to collect valuable customer feedback, which can help you to learn more about users’ experience of your website directly from the people who matter most. In addition to this, the surveys also help you to crowdsource information on any potential improvements that need to be made.

Helping you to understand customer needs and address potential issues, SurveyMonkey can play an important role in improving user satisfaction. The software’s free plan lets you send an unlimited amount of surveys of up to 10 questions each, which should prove to be sufficient for most purposes.

Optimal Workshop

Optimal Workshopprovides a suite of UX testing tools that have proven themselves to be a valuable digital marketing tool. Its features span an array of different areas, making it one of the most versatile free testing solutions around.

Its free plan offers limited use of several software solutions, including Reframer, Chalkmark, Questions, Treejack and OptimalSort. Put together, these solutions provide free survey forms, a number of click tests and capabilities for tree testing and card sorting. The free plan also offers unlimited studies of up to 10 responses each.

All in all, Optimal Workshop’s free features can be powerful enough to set you on your way towards creating an effective UX strategy.

With so many free UX testing tools at your disposal, creating an easy-to-use webpage is easier than ever before. By recognising the importance of usability for achieving your business goals, you will have taken the first step towards success in the digital world.

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