The 8 Most Popular Magento Plugins in 2018

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Magento is one of the most powerful open source ecommerce platforms on the market today. Providing businesses with an array of features aimed at simplifying the online sales process, it is a powerful tool in today’s competitive eCommerce environment.

However, as a leading platform it is constantly evolving. So for those looking to get the most out of the Magento system, here are our picks for the eight best Magento plugins available in 2018.

1. Advanced Reports Community

Advanced Reports is one of the most valuable Magento extensions available for the software’s community edition. Enabling you to gain further insight into your sales information, this plugin makes it easy to produce reports relating to strategy evaluation, potential future sales and customer demand.

Incorporating a staggering nine different report types, including profit reports, country reports and best seller reports, Advanced Reports can help you present, compare and export your data. In addition, the extension’s clear stat graphs make for easy interpretation of the relevant sales information. Furthermore, the reports’ customization feature makes it possible to tailor your report types depending on your own specific needs. Last but not least, the plugin is easy to use and configure, leaving you to concentrate on the things that matter.

Where to purchase it (£99) :

2. Free Gift Community

The Free Gift Community extension is another valuable Magento add-on. It enables you to offer customers promo products, discounts and gifts in a way that is visually striking. Well-designed banners and product labels help draw customers’ attention and help to clearly display benefits in the shopping cart.

In order to simplify the process, the plugin enables you to automatically add any potential promo gifts to the shopping cart. An extension that is easy to use and configure, the Free Gift Community plugin can provide a valuable asset to your Magento store.

Where to purchase it (£89):

3. Follow Up Email Community

The Follow Up Email Community plugin is third in our list of useful Magento extensions. Easy to use and configure, it helps you to build customer loyalty by improving customer relationship management.

The plugin utilises a number of different follow up emails, generating email messages for a variety of order statuses, birthday greetings and customer wishlist offers. In addition, the extension also enables you to create follow up emails based on your customer’s relevant activity. These features can function as a useful tool in increasing repeat sales. Plus, email campaign statistics can help you monitor the performance of your email campaigns.

Where to purchase it (£75):

4. Mass Order Actions Community

The Mass Order Actions plugin is a helpful expansion to the Magento community edition. Allowing you to process orders in bulk, the plugin takes away much of the hassle associated with sending invoices and submitting shipments, saving you valuable time.

What's more, it also incorporates a number of features relevant to order management, allowing you to change an order’s status, create an invoice and capture payment from the order grid. As a result, the extension is a valuable tool in improving the management of orders, enabling you to efficiently process multiple orders in one go. Last but not least, it is easy to both use and configure.

Where to purchase it (£60):

5. Out of Stock Notification Community

The Out of Stock Notification plugin for Magento’s Community edition helps to improve customer service. It enables your customers to subscribe to notifications relating to a product’s stock and pricing.

Through notifying customers whenever an item is back in stock, the extension can be a valuable tool in winning you business. It helps you track what products customers are subscribing to, providing you with better insight into customer preferences. In addition, the extension can help improve your inventory turnaround, providing a service that is beneficial to both you and your customers. Its ease of use and configuration makes it a valuable addition to your e-commerce platform.

Where to purchase it (£60):

6. Product Sync Module

The Product Sync Module provides an exciting extension to the Magento system.

Providing you with a way to migrate products between store and website, it helps you keep track of changes to online products and store products alike. The extension also enables you to synchronise out of stock products between the two. When synchronising products between the store and the website, it can also be used as a tool to effectively assign products into their respective categories. Developed with user experience in mind, the extension is easy to use and configure.

7. AddThis Social Media Sharing

In an age where social media engagement can be crucial to attaining business success, the AddThis Social Media Sharing extension is an invaluable tool in building awareness.

The plugin enables you to easily incorporate sidebar share buttons into your Magento store. Compatible with over 200 social networks, the extension can be a valuable asset in raising your business’s online profile. Enabling your current customers to easily share products through social media, the plugin can prove to be an important tool in winning new customers. The plugin also allows you to stylise and pre-populate the message, increasing the likeliness of further sharing.

Where to find it (free):

8. Search Pro Community

The Search Pro Community plugin is the final pick in our list of the eight best Magento extensions. Providing an instant, high-relevance search solution, this plugin makes it easy for customers to find the products they are looking for. Helping to increase the relevance of search results, it enables customers to search for specific product attributes, improving the accuracy of search queries.

The extension also enables customers to differentiate between different types of queries, enabling them to choose between ‘like’, ‘full text’ and ‘combined’ searches. Also incorporating a configurable autocomplete function, Search Pro Community is fully optimised for mobile devices. Lastly, the extension is also noted for its easy use and configuration.

Where to purchase it (£89):

With so many great plugins available, it has become easier than ever to get the most out of the Magento platform. Utilising some of these extensions is a sure-fire way of guaranteeing your eCommerce business stays ahead of the curve, helping you to stay relevant in today’s competitive commercial environment.

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