Apprenticeship Week 2019: Champions Celebrates 100% Success Rate

Apprenticeship Week 2019: Champions Celebrates 100% Success Rate.

Champions (UK) plc has confirmed its commitment to offering development opportunities to bright young people as the company celebrates a 100 percent success rate in its apprenticeship programme.

As businesses in the UK mark Apprenticeship Week 2019, the latest Champions graduate completed her initial training to become a social media executive.

Georgia Haslam is one of more than 20 apprentices to join the Costock-based brand agency over the past five years and continues the firm’s proud record of moving all of the trainees taken on since 2016 into a full-time position after successfully completing their apprenticeships.

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Standing by her decision to choose Champions over university, she said: “I realised I could enter the job role that I was planning on using a degree to help me to do through an apprenticeship after college.

“I felt that this was a better fit for how I like to learn, which is by being in the environment and through practical learning, which I wouldn’t have been exposed to at university in the same way.”

As an advocate for the benefits provided by apprenticeships, Managing Director and co-founder of Champions Matthew Hayes believes apprentices play a big part in shaping the business into what it is today.

He said: "With over 100 experts in the building, learning and training opportunities are placed directly into the hands of apprentices, and it’s not just apprentices that learn from us. We are a business that prides itself on our innovative approach and our apprentices often bring a fresh new way of thinking and new ideas to the table.”

With the latest investment in a new £1 million media centre, Champions are continuing to expand and are welcoming new apprentices into the team.

Digital Director Amad Tababa believes that by creating new opportunities within the department, the team will only continue to go from strength to strength.

He said: “We are really proud of the web development and digital marketing apprenticeships that we currently offer and we would love to start working with more young people across all digital areas here.

“The team is continually growing and evolving and we are looking for passionate, positive people to start their career here with us.

“The new building will provide a great space to learn and develop new skills. It will offer access to the latest software and facilities and I really can’t think of a better place to start gaining experience.”

If you are looking to find an apprenticeship that offers growth and opportunities, or to learn more about us, either visit our careers page or email [email protected].

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