RAF Facebook Advertising Campaign


To design and deliver a Facebook advertising campaign that focuses on filling more than 100 RAFA volunteer vacancies across the United Kingdom within a six-week period.


To maximise our impact, we created a campaign that with a more emotive and empathic approach. We carefully selected appropriate imagery and created engaging content that would provoke emotion and encourage people to sign up.


The campaign was great success and the spaces were filled within just 4 days of the campaign going live.


Reaching over 62,500 individuals and with more than 1,000 people clicking through to the RAFA website, we achieved an amazing CPC of just 20p. By creating such a low CPC and meeting the brief within such a short time frame, we spent less than 10% of the clients’ available advertising budget.


Despite being a paid marketing campaign, the wide reach led to a high level of organic sharing with 658 Likes, 205 shares and 91 comments.

Overall, our client was very pleased with the outcome and we were proud to have achieved such great results whilst remaining under budget.

A Facebook advertising campaign