Our AI & Technology Process

Our four-step process ensures your business receives an entirely bespoke solution for your technology and AI needs.

Our AI & Technology Process

In order to supply our clients with the most effective services to achieve their desired results, we stick to a four-step process. Within each stage we ensure that our solution is tailored to your business and its goals, supplying an end result that achieves your desired level of growth.










Through a review of your business, we can achieve a thorough understanding of your requirements.

In the fast-paced world of technology, conducting an audit is paramount to determine the precise tech services needed for your business. By meticulously evaluating current systems, software and infrastructure, an audit unveils inefficiencies, redundancies, and areas for enhancement. With accurate insights into cybersecurity risks, regulatory compliance, and emerging technologies, you will be able to make more informed decisions. 

Our Audit Products

  • Data Aduit
  • CRM Audit
  • Website Audit
  • App Audit
  • API Feed Review & Integration Tool Performance
  • Third Party Platforms
  • Gap Analysis


After the initial assessment, meticulous planning is carried out to formulate an approach to address identified challenges.

Based on our research from the audit, the next step is to craft a comprehensive strategy that aligns with your goals in order to leverage your strengths. Our highly trained team of professionals will work closely with you, highlighting the most suitable and effective technology and AI services for your business in order to achieve the most growth.
  • Address traffic light issues identified during the audit
  • Conduct workshops to review processes, outputs, and management information
  • Develop a roadmap to enhance the integration of existing data and API feeds
  • Define the scope of work and explore options for improvements
  • Establish defined sprints for Phase 1 implementation


The next step involves putting these concepts into a tangible reality, activating your business’ potential through specific technology and AI solutions.

By coordinating resources, executing planned strategies, and integrating new tools and systems into existing processes, we can implement your bespoke strategy. We also ensure to monitor the process in place so that the implementation aligns closely with the overall strategic vision. Ultimately, we will bring your vision to life in order to drive results.  

Our Implementation Products:

  • SaaS solutions, market research, and roadmap for implementation
  • Integration sprint for new solutions
  • Prioritised dashboard reporting and UX design
  • Design and build of bespoke solutions tailored to unique needs
  • Discovery, workshop, and MVP development
  • Transition and rollout with training
Tailored to your target audience.


Having implemented the strategy in place, the remaining step is to activate your business’ potential through putting theory into practice.

Activation involves translating plans into action, ensuring that every component of your strategy is executed efficiently and effectively. Our team works closely with yours to deploy solutions that address identified challenges and leverage opportunities uncovered during the audit and strategic planning phases after implementation has been carried out.
  • Continuous support with your strategy
  • Ongoing development of your operations
  • Assessments of strategy in place
  • Reporting on solutions and making adjustments based on insights
  • Tweaking systems to ensure compatibility with business operations and workforce

Why Choose Champions for Your Tech Needs?

We prioritise innovation, ensuring you stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Our collaborative approach means we work closely with you, tailoring solutions to align precisely with your unique business goals. 

Moreover, our solutions are inherently scalable, poised to evolve alongside your business, effortlessly adapting to changing needs and demands. With Champions, your journey towards technological excellence and business success begins with a partner committed to your growth. 

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