Going Concern Due Diligence

Is your business ready to be sold for its maximum value?

Champions “Going Concern” Due Diligence

Champions’ Going Concern due diligence focuses on a business’s readiness for sale and plotting a route to increase efficiency, sales growth, and margin.

This comprehensive process involves assessing various aspects of the business, including its sales, marketing, people, technology, and growth potential. 

Historic vs Future

Traditional M&A consists of financial and legal due diligence which measure historical accuracy and value businesses through a current asset valuation.

Champions can provide greater accuracy on top of generic due diligence, which is primarily historic facing, to provide expected expenditure needs, ROI likelihood and fix issues preventing the deal. 

Due Diligence Areas

Champions' due diligence process explores business aspects that directly impact sales growth.

This includes evaluating the effectiveness of the workforce, examining the organisational culture and hierarchy, and scrutinising the utilisation of technology systems.  

The Results

By assessing these factors comprehensively, Champions aims to identify strengths and weaknesses, uncover opportunities for improvement, and develop strategies to optimise performance and drive sustainable sales growth for the business in the future. 

Meet Our M&A Team

Matthew Hayes.
Matthew Hayes
Managing Director
Chris Darlington.
Chris Darlington
Commercial Director
Dan Gough.
Dan Gough
Head of Brand Strategy
Jordan Marsh.
Jordan Marsh
Strategy Manager
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