Acquisition Targeting

We will find companies whose products or services complement the acquiring entity's portfolio, offering substantial opportunities for growth.
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How to Find Suitable Targets

Acquisition targeting involves identifying complementary brands in the market to enhance the Buy & Build strategy.

Finding acquisition targets encompasses conducting market research, networking, financial analysis, exploring strategic partnerships and engaging with investment banks and advisors. These methods help identify companies that align objectively and complement the acquiring portfolio. 

Industry Analysis

By examining trends within the industry, as well as the competitive landscape and potential for consolidation, companies can pinpoint strategic acquisition targets.

This process involves assessing the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of target companies to determine which acquisitions offer the greatest advantages and align most closely with the acquiring entity's goals. 

Target Criteria Definition

To effectively target acquisitions, it's essential to establish clear criteria based on strategic priorities, financial factors, and integration feasibility.

This involves setting specific parameters, such as revenue size, growth potential, and geographical reach, to concentrate efforts on identifying targets that closely align with the organisation's overarching goals. 

Competitive Benchmarking

Through competitive benchmarking, companies must compare potential acquisition targets to competitors in areas like market share, products, pricing, and customer satisfaction.

This analysis helps identify the correct opportunities for strategic acquisitions that strengthen the company's competitive position rather than acquisitions that hinder it.  

Why Choose Champions for Your Buy & Build Needs?

Over the past five years, we have provided consultation for more than 10 "Buy & Build" programmes.

Our Buy & Build acquisition targeting process has proved to be highly successful in creating avenues leading to continuous business growth. 

Our services are your pathway to strategic development, offering comprehensive guidance and expertise to unlock new opportunities. 

With 100+ experts specialising in all aspects of business growth and over 20 years of experience in guiding businesses towards their goals, we are the ideal partner for those looking for strategic guidance and unparalleled insights to navigate complex Buy & Build processes. 

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