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Looking to enhance your EBITDA and capital value? A targeted multichannel approach that drives sales growth.


Drive Profitability, Increase Capital Value and Remove Waste.

Our specialist growth team takes time to understand you and your business, in order to combine your unique USP’s to our expert sales and marketing services.

We are entrepreneurs for entrepreneurial businesses, with more than 20 years’ experience of delivering tangible business growth that drives exponential capital value. 

From current sales performance auditing to implementation of strategic change programmes that improve sales reach and conversion, our clients become business champions in their industries. 


Driven In Sales Growth For Our Clients

Throughout our 20+ years working with businesses of all kinds, we estimate to have driven more than £5bn+ in sales growth for our clients.

Countries Worked In

With our clients being based in everywhere from Miami to the UAE, Champions (UK) plc have worked across various industries in over 68+ different markets.

Expert Team Members

With a vast experience in sales growth, the Champions (UK) plc team deliver expert services across an holistic multichannel approach.

Added In Capital Value For Our Clients

As well as driving physical sales growth for our clients, we estimate that we have driven a staggering £15bn in capital value for our clients.

Our Sales Growth Services

Sales Audit
Gain Imperative Internal Knowledge

We provide meticulous sales audit services which detail efficiency levels of existing sales strategies and processes. Through comprehensive analysis and tailored recommendations, we empower you to identify areas for improvement, and optimise sales performance. 

Your Sales Growth Journey


Driving Sustainable Long-Term Growth

Maintaining a consistent focus on sales enhancement is imperative for any business looking to become an industry leader.

We build a 1/3/5 year approach that is constantly benchmarked back to agreed KPIs to ensure continual reporting and monitoring of success. Focusing on the removal of waste and inconsistency from your Sales & Marketing approach, we deliver increased market share, margin and lifetime value of your client base, delivering dramatic enhancements in not only EBITDA, but also your capital valuation.

Sales Channels To Drive Sales Growth

Implement Cutting-Edge Design

Champions (UK) plc's creative agency services are a beacon of innovation, seamlessly blending strategic thinking with original storytelling. We’ll transform your brand's vision into compelling narratives that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. 


With more than 20 years of partnering with our clients to make the business Champions, we are proud to have provided more than £5 billion in sales growth and £15 billion in capital valuation to our clients.

Our expert team of more than 100 trained specialists ensure that our clients receive industry leading delivery across their multichannel sales & marketing activities.

We are entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, having completed this journey personally from a £3000 Prince’s Trust loan to an award-winning rapid growth industry leading business.

We have a flexible activation team that will meet the needs of every client. From our fully managed outsourced solution, to our specialist service delivery or Strategic oversight and reporting of performance, our unique approach puts results and reporting at the heart of every activity. 

If you want a growth partner which specialises in transformational solutions and has a track record in creating Business Champions across every industry sector, then get in touch with our team today.

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