Champions (UK) plc increase traffic by +509% for Real Estate Investment Management Company


January 2nd, 2024

ESG Westmount came to Champions wanting a new website that could successfully promote their services to existing and new customers, whilst encapsulating their new branding.

Part of a larger organisation, ESG Westmount is a real estate investment management company focused on the strategic acquisition of underperforming office buildings. The company adds value through sustainable refurbishment efforts and proactive portfolio management. 

The company is committed to promoting sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical business practices, whilst aiming to create a positive impact on the environment, support local communities, and ensure transparent and accountable governance. 

The Results


+509% users


+638% new users


+95% organic sessions


+53% website interactions

The Brief

ESG Westmount came to Champions wanting a new website that met the expectations of users in 2023 and ensured best practice from a search engine optimisation and user experience perspective. ESG’s main priority was to make sure that the website was relevant for its users, and that it portrayed both the commercial and professional aspect of its business. 

The Strategy

Starting with competitor analysis, Champions was able to discover ‘what good looks like’ for a website with very little data. This was achieved through comparing competitor user journeys and personas, as well as analysing what competitors were doing well and where the key conversion points were on their websites. 

From this insight, Champions was then able to work with ESG Westmount’s knowledge and combine this with Champions’ digital knowledge to produce a sitemap and website skeleton. After having discussed the sitemap extensively with the ESG Westmount team, Champions could begin the website build on WordPress, all whilst keeping the client in the loop at all times. 

This resulted in ESG Westmount’s new website meeting the brief both functionally and visually, as well as having clear calls to action and next steps clearly highlighted throughout. To accompany the launch of the new website, Champions also supplied ESG Westmount with new imagery, branding and logos that reflected the direction that ESG Westmount wanted to take the business in. 

The Results

Through the work carried out for ESG Westmount, we were able to effectively meet the client’s needs and receive positive feedback.  

We also achieved some good results in the period following the website launch. The following results were accomplished: 

  • ESG Westmount saw a 509% uplift in users in the direct period after the website launch 

  • There was a fantastic 638% uplift in new users who visited the website, proving the website was better equipped for new user acquisition 

  • The organic channel saw a superb 95% uplift in total sessions 

  • Overall interactions on the website increased by nearly half, seeing a 53% uplift