Brand Evaluation

We provide strategic due diligence and roadmaps to enhance the addition of each brand being brought into fold.
Champions (uk) PLC Insights.

Improved Market Awareness and Reach

Brand evaluation allows businesses to see how the core brand can benefit from centralisation and unification of its variant entities into one overarching mother brand.

A unified brand with a centralised strategy can present a stronger market presence compared to fragmented entities. This can lead to increased bargaining power with suppliers, better access to distribution channels, and improved competitiveness in the marketplace.  

Streamlined Operations

Unifying processes, systems, and operations under a central management structure can lead to increased efficiency, reduced costs and economies of scale.

Standardising procedures across all subsidiaries can create a unified marketing strategy and streamline workflows resulting in a consistent brand image.  

Cross Selling Opportunities

A unified brand with a centralised strategy can leverage cross-selling opportunities across different product lines or service offerings.

By promoting complementary products or services to existing customers across the entire brand portfolio, the core brand can maximise revenue and deepen customer relationships. 

Consistent Brand Image

Centralisation allows for the establishment of consistent branding across all acquired entities.

This consistency helps in building brand recognition and trust among customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. These efforts not only enhance the brand's reputation but also attract new customers and strengthen loyalty among existing ones. 

Why Choose Champions for Your Buy & Build Needs?

Over the past five years, we have provided consultation for more than 10 "Buy & Build" programmes.

Our Buy & Build brand evaluation process has proved to be highly successful in improving competitiveness and increasing market reach.  

Our services are your pathway to strategic development, offering comprehensive guidance and expertise to unlock new opportunities. 

With 100+ experts specialising in all aspects of business growth and over 20 years of experience in guiding businesses towards their goals, we are the ideal partner for those looking for strategic guidance and unparalleled insights to navigate complex Buy & Build processes. 

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