Branded Assets

Brand assets play a crucial role in building widespread awareness and recognition , and our sales growth team are adept at identifying and optimising your promotion of these elements.

Represent Your Organisation’s Identity

By defining your brand’s most potent assets, you will establish an identifiable personality from which your target audience can recognise.

Champions (UK) plc will work alongside your organisation, and pinpoint visual, auditory and/or sensory components that help curate a consistent and distinguishable brand image.

Our consistent utilisation of a touchpoint theory is imperative for leaving a lasting impression on current and potential consumers who can clearly associate specific elements with your business. We will implement a refined approach to help create and market these brand components, further separating you from competitors, whilst positioning the organisation as a respective industry leader.

The Role Brand Assets Play in Sales Growth

Distinguishable brand assets are essential in sales growth as they curate a visual and emotional connection with intended consumers, which in turn fosters loyalty and trust.

Consistent brand elements differentiate products and services in a crowded market, whilst increasing customer retention and ultimately sales enhancement.


Why Champions?

Champions' distinctiveness as a leading sales growth partner is rooted in over 20 years of industry experience, providing an unparalleled depth of knowledge and insight.

Our expertise in defining and optimising brand assets sets us apart, enabling businesses to craft a unique and compelling identity that resonates with their intended consumer. Champions' proven track record in leveraging brand elements will ensure a thorough approach which goes beyond conventional sales tactics, fostering long-term customer loyalty and sustainable growth for our clients.

Our Sales Growth Team

Matthew Hayes.
Matthew Hayes
Managing Director
Lisa Brakewell.
Lisa Brakewell
Head of Projects & Growth
Dan Gough.
Dan Gough
Head of Brand Strategy
Victoria Foster.
Victoria Foster
Head Of Performance & Operations
Scott Skerritt.
Scott Skerritt
Head of Digital
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