Angel Investment Services

We introduce startups and early-stage-scale-ups to a vast and carefully curated network of angel investors.


We facilitate connections with potential angel investors, and we work to ensure that we provide the most vital resources.

From strategic guidance to market reach to networking, we offer a comprehensive approach to angel investment.

Angel investment is imperative to exponential business growth as it provides crucial early-stage funding and strategic guidance, enabling startups to scale rapidly and capitalise on market opportunities.

Having been involved in over 200 deals in the last five years, and consulted on more than 10 Buy & Build programmes, we are perfectly positioned to provide market-leading M&A services.

Our Approach

To provide such an effective service, we combine our expertise with financial backing and strategic networking, which in turn enhances the value proposition for startups and attracts angel investors seeking well-supported ventures.

You can drive your investments forward through our expert funding services. Our dynamic model not only eases financial constraints for startups, but also accelerates growth, creating a symbiotic relationship that maximises the potential for success.
  • Expertise and financial backing
  • Strategic networking
  • Enhanced value proposition
  • Acceleration of growth
  • Maximised potential for success