Business Immersion

In order to develop an optimal understanding of your business structure , our specialised sales team will delve into the day-to-day operations and culture, gaining vital industry and organisational knowledge.

Go Beyond Traditional Learning Methods

Through our business immersion approach, we will look to gain practical insights and enhance your decision-making skillset.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and functional application, ensuring the best chance of success during your personalised auditing process. 

Champions (UK) plc will allow both parties to develop a holistic and nuanced understanding of business procedures, current industry dynamics, and the challenges faced by organisations in a modern climate. Our team will vigorously consult with your leadership structure, and interact with employees to gain a first-hand experience of your company. 


Our Auditing Services

Gain Valuable Company Insights

Achieve peace of mind by employing Champions (UK) plc’s business audit services, in which we’ll analyse and review your organisation's financial statements alongside current company approaches.

The Role of Business Immersion in Auditing

Completing a meticulous and successful business immersion allows auditors to go beyond the numbers and financial statements, and instead gain a thorough organisational and industry understanding.

It will help provide necessary context during the auditing process, and guarantee a tailored approach to a company’s characteristics and ethos. 

Why Champions?

Champions understands the imperativeness of maintaining an understanding industry dynamics, and our two decades’ worth of auditing expertise enables us to produce well-informed strategic decisions.

By immersing ourselves in the intricacies of your operations, we will identify risks, optimise processes and enhance the efficiency of your organisation. Our business immersion services will be tailored to your respective industry and outlook, removing the risk of a generalised approach and instead ensuring a comprehensive perspective whilst facilitating innovation. 

Meet Our Sales Growth Team

Matthew Hayes.
Matthew Hayes
Managing Director
Lisa Brakewell.
Lisa Brakewell
Head of Projects & Growth
Dan Gough.
Dan Gough
Head of Brand Strategy
Victoria Foster.
Victoria Foster
Head Of Performance & Operations
Scott Skerritt.
Scott Skerritt
Head of Digital
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