Teamwork & Team Building

Looking to augment team cohesion amongst your organisation’s leadership? Enhance collaboration and communication rates via team building.

Enhance Your Leadership Cohesion

Champions (UK) plc specialises in providing comprehensive leadership development programmes tailored to enhance team cohesion.

Through customised workshops, we focus on fostering effective cooperation amongst management affiliates.  

Our team will employ experienced facilitators who utilise proven strategies to strengthen leadership skills and create a unified vision within the company. With a track record of successful interventions, we are dedicated to empowering businesses to achieve greater synergy and cohesiveness amongst their leadership teams. 

The Importance of Productive Leadership in People

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, an effective leadership team is crucial for navigating complexities and driving organisational success.

A well-coordinated, authoritative voice fosters innovation and adaptability, ensuring that a company can thrive amidst a variety of market challenges and emerging opportunities.


Our Leadership Services

Implement External Productivity

We offer businesses flexible access to experienced professionals on a part-time basis, enabling cost-effective solutions while maintaining high levels of expertise.

Why Champions?

Champions (UK) plc are industry leaders in delivering effective leadership programmes for clientele, drawing from two decades of invaluable market experience.

Our specialised approach involves crafting tailored training packages which specifically address teamwork dynamics, honed through years of assisting with diverse business challenges. With a wealth of industry insights, we design and implement leadership initiatives that not only enhance individual skillsets, but also optimise team building, therefore positioning organisations for sustained success.

Meet Some Of Our People Team

Matthew Hayes.
Matthew Hayes
Managing Director
Emma Tolhurst.
Emma Tolhurst
Strategic Head of People
Derek Redmond.
Derek Redmond
Head of Training & Development
Caspar Craven.
Caspar Craven
Change Mindset Lead
Jeremy Schwartz.
Jeremy Schwartz
Head of Sustainability
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