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We analyse market and business dynamics to create the most suitable brand alignment within a Buy & Build.
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Why Brand Structure Matters

Brand structure matters because it shapes how a company presents itself and influences consumer perceptions, marketing strategies, and organisational culture.

It guides differentiation, target markets, and internal operations, ultimately contributing to brand equity and long-term success. 

Through Champions’ due diligence and research process, a house of brands or a branded house structure will be proposed in order to enhance the strengths and reduce the weaknesses of existing brands. 

Branded House

A branded house is a branding strategy where all products and services within an organisation share a single overarching brand identity, creating a unified brand experience for customers highlighting the strength and reputation of the overarching brand across all its offerings. 

House of Brands

A house of brands is where a company manages multiple individual brands, each with its own distinct identity and positioning. These brands operate independently from one another and may target different market segments or customer demographics. The parent company is less visible, allowing each brand to maintain its unique identity and cater to specific consumer preferences. 

How to Align the Brands Successfully

To align multiple brands after an acquisition, a brand audit, a defined unified strategy, and establishing a cohesive visual identity is required.

By presenting consistent messaging, it makes cultural integration more straightforward, and maintains transparent communication. 

Why Choose Champions for Your Buy & Build Needs?

Over the past five years, we have provided consultation for 12 successful Buy & Build programmes.

Our Buy & Build brand alignment process has proved to be highly successful in driving business growth in the dynamic market landscape. Our services are your pathway to strategic development, offering comprehensive guidance and expertise to unlock new opportunities for your business.  

With 100+ internal experts specialising in all aspects of business growth, and over 20 years of experience in guiding businesses towards their goals, we are the ideal partner for those looking for strategic guidance and unparalleled insights to navigate complex Buy & Build processes. 

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