Fractional Employment Services

Struggling to optimise internal flexibility? Implement external expertise via fractional employment.

Integrate Optimal Part-Time Employment

Champions (UK) plc will initiate the implementation of fractional employment, assessing specific organisational needs that will benefit from part-time arrangements.

It’s imperative to promote a culture that values work-life balance, and our team will introduce you to the benefits of fractional employment, emphasising how it contributes to employee well-being and overall productivity. Champions will also introduce technology solutions that facilitate remote work and collaboration, enabling seamless integration of fractional employees regardless of location. 

Support Your Staff & Leadership Team

Fostering fractional employment within your leadership team is an excellent approach to enhancing workforce skillsets without the process of hiring permanent staff.

These part-time company figures often work alongside a number of business types, providing them with an in-depth knowledge to be shared with your full-time staff. 


Our Leadership Services

Develop Your Management’s Excellence

Champions (UK) plc offers innovative leadership programmes, designed to empower professionals with the skills needed to navigate complex business landscapes, fostering a culture of innovation.

Why Choose Champions (UK) plc?

Our nuanced understanding of organisational dynamics and executive leadership requirements has been stitched together over two decades, allowing us to excel in fractional leadership advisory and implementation.

By combining our seasoned industry knowledge with a commitment to individualised strategies, Champions ensures a seamless integration of fractional leadership roles. Our specialised people team comprises a number of experts who are able to deal with your authoritative role queries on a needs basis.

Meet Some Of Our People Team

Matthew Hayes.
Matthew Hayes
Managing Director
Emma Tolhurst.
Emma Tolhurst
Strategic Head of People
Derek Redmond.
Derek Redmond
Head of Training & Development
Caspar Craven.
Caspar Craven
Change Mindset Lead
Jeremy Schwartz.
Jeremy Schwartz
Head of Sustainability
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