Exit Planning

Our extensive expertise within M&A activity allows us to offer consultancy services across a broad spectrum of topics. From venture capital to private equity to exit planning , our specialised team will support you and your financial endeavours.

Optimising Your Exit Plan

The end of the investment journey is the ‘exit’, however, this is just the beginning for the potential new business owner.

Whatever stage you are at currently, and whether you are an investor or business owner, we are here to guide and advise on the many exit strategies available. 

An increased EBITDA will immediately make a business more valuable, and will therefore enhance its multiple, providing a better opportunity for its eventual exit in three to five years. 

Achieve an Optimal Exit

There is a lot to consider when exiting a business, or if you are a business seeking to provide an investor with an exit – we will assist both businesses and investors in creating and implementing an exit strategy to guarantee profit and success.

We evaluate the current value of a business's brand and its sales and marketing strategy. As business consultants, we work with our partners to create a capital creation plan to increase business value and multiple to aid a successful exit. 

How We Exit Plan

Our tailored approach ensures a seamless transition, maximising returns for all involved parties.

Champions assists owners and investors plan their exits. Champions organises all business activities to ensure a growth-focused roadmap whilst evaluating brand equity and creating value plans to enhance the business's appeal.

Why Focus on Your Exit Process

The ultimate goal for businesses and investors is to increase profitability and EBITDA, and we know exactly how.

Through digitisation and digital transformation, we provide investors with greater levels of reach, less associated risks, longevity, and a more secure future. When a business becomes digital-first, it can increase EBITDA, market share and multiple. Get in touch to find out more about how our services can benefit you.

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Matthew Hayes
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