Get Investment & Grow Sales

Want access to specialist transformation programmes that deliver maximum EBITDA and capital value growth?

A Strategic Approach that Delivers

Obtaining Results Through Experience-Led Solutions

Having been involved in over 200 deals in the last five years, and consulted on more than 10 'Buy & Build' programmes, we are perfectly positioned to provide market-leading M&A services.

Your Investment Partner

We understand the challenges of organically growing a business to a level that sees it maximise its true value.

As such, we understand the importance of securing the right investment partners to fund and join you on your business growth journey. 

We work with all business leaders wanting to drive change at every stage of the business cycle, from startup to IPO listings.

In a select number of opportunities, we have supported business leaders as equity investors as well as growth service partners. This collaborative approach enables businesses, particularly those that are relatively small or financially constrained, to access valuable services that might otherwise be financially challenging to afford at their current market value.

The Champions Equity Approach

Our approach to startup and early stage scale up business investment is to offer investment and services in exchange for equity, creating a unique symbiotic relationship.

We understand the financial constraints faced by startups and early stage scale up businesses. This innovative approach allows these companies, especially those too small for standard service fees, to access vital resources. By aligning success with equity, we become a strategic partner, propelling businesses towards growth and success in competitive markets through this mutually beneficial investment model. 


Supporting Your Investment Needs

We play a pivotal role in the investment arena, supporting startups and early-stage scale-ups.

Through innovative equity-for-services models and our extensive network, we connect businesses with the right investors at each stage. From securing seed funding and engaging with crowd or angel investors to navigating venture capital, private equity, and even initial public offerings (IPOs), we provide tailored assistance.

Venture Capital
Our M&A services open doors for businesses, securing strategic investments and fostering growth.

Elevate your mergers and acquisitions strategy with venture capital, unlocking opportunities for strategic investments that fuel growth and propel your business forward. 

How Champions Adds Value

Business owners face many challenges, but the biggest involves accelerating exponential growth.

As your growth partner, we provide you with the insights, tools, assets, and expertise to deliver optimal growth. 

We help our partners understand the value of their actions, and we supply them with a strategy that demonstrates how best to invest to ensure and enable accelerated business growth that drives EBITDA. Our team will assess organisational plans and funding for business growth to create the most effective and efficient outputs, ensuring exponential returns for owners and investors alike. 

Champions' Full Service

We offer startups a comprehensive approach beyond funding.

Through our extensive network, we connect startups with industry players and mentors. Our expertise in sales and marketing helps refine brand positioning for effective communication. We guide startups in integrating technology seamlessly for operational efficiency. Additionally, we provide strategic advice and support for startups considering exit strategies, ensuring a full spectrum of assistance for their journey from inception to sustainable growth. Simply get in touch to find out more about the benefits of our approach.