Strategic Corporate Finance

Enter the realm of innovative corporate finance, and be guided through the initial stages of strategic positioning for transactions.



We offer comprehensive M&A guidance to business owners, covering all available exit options, the intricacies of the process, and access to expert advice. Leveraging our extensive expertise, we empower owners to navigate complexities and maximise value.


We excel in facilitating deal origination, conducting thorough evaluations and implementing strategies for value creation to enhance value post-acquisition. Employ our services to access industry leading investment solutions, tailored to your specific requirements.

Refined Financial Value Propositions

In the competitive landscape of corporate finance, we excel in refining and enhancing businesses' financial value propositions.

This involves a deep dive into financial strengths and industry positioning, ensuring that the financial narrative is compelling to potential investors or acquirers. This strategic focus significantly impacts negotiations and decision-making processes. 

Meticulous analysis of operational efficiency and cultural alignment lay the foundation for seamless due diligence processes, vital to successful corporate finance transactions.

Champions (uk) PLC Value Creation Plan

Bespoke Value Creation Plans

Collaborating closely with businesses, we craft bespoke value creation plans that identify areas for growth and efficiency improvement.

Tailored to align with strategic financial goals, these plans go beyond transactional value addition, positioning the business for sustained financial success post-transaction in the dynamic landscape of corporate finance.