M&A Advisory

Over the past five years, we have been involved in over 200 deals and provided consultation for more than 10 "Buy & Build" programmes.



We offer comprehensive M&A guidance to business owners, covering all available exit options, the intricacies of the process, and access to expert advice. Leveraging our extensive expertise, we empower owners to navigate complexities and maximise value.


We excel in facilitating deal origination, conducting thorough evaluations and implementing strategies for value creation to enhance value post-acquisition.


Optimising M&A Transactions

Our comprehensive suite of M&A advisory services covers the entire deal lifecycle.

From initial evaluation and target identification to post-merger integration, we provide strategic insights and practical solutions to address the challenges that may arise. We specialise in guiding businesses through the intricate landscape of mergers and acquisitions, unlocking value and ensuring a smooth transition for our clients. 

Discover our leading consultancy services for Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide strategic guidance and unparalleled insights to navigate complex transactions and drive successful business integrations. 

Achieving an Effective M&A Transaction

Achieving a seamless M&A integration demands meticulous planning and strategic execution. We focus on streamlining existing operations.

We prioritise cultural alignment, transparent stakeholder engagement, and leadership alignment. Effective communication with acquired employees, technology integration, and the establishment of internal communication channels are paramount.  

Our expertise extends to developing customer and supplier transition plans, ensuring service continuity to minimise revenue loss and confusion. At Champions, we specialise in delivering concise, tailored solutions for M&A transactions that guarantee a smooth integration and future growth, propelling businesses towards sustained success. 

The Role of M&A in Business Growth

M&A drives business growth by facilitating rapid expansion, diversification, and increased competitiveness.

It provides access to new markets, technologies, and talent, leading to efficiency gains through economies of scale. Strategically, it acts as a defence against competitors, positioning the company for accelerated development.

Why Focus on Integration and Post-M&A Growth?

Our approach centres on meticulous integration planning, fostering cultural alignment, and transparent stakeholder engagement.

By prioritising seamless communication, technology integration, and continuity plans, we ensure a smooth transition. Our expertise extends beyond deal closures, driving sustained growth in the post-M&A phase.