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Looking to push your business to the attention of the masses on a regional, national or global scale? Invest in leading television and radio advertisement.

Capitalise On Widespread Attention

Despite the digital age’s continued evolution, traditional advertisement routes remain a valuable method of capturing your target audience’s intrigue.

By utilising our services, we will design and produce captivating audio content alongside aesthetically pleasing visuals, fitting for any successful TV or radio promotional campaign.

We combine strategy with creativity, ensuring first-class results whilst delivering industry leading advertising which appeals to a wider demographic. The commercials we curate are incredibly versatile, making them appropriate across all industries and needs, and our collaborative approach will ensure we meet your promotional requirements whilst capitalising on emerging trends and events.


What's Involved In TV & Radio Advertising?

  • Market Research: Conduct thorough research to understand the target audience. Analyse market trends and competitors to identify opportunities and challenges
  • Strategy Development: Develop a comprehensive advertising strategy based on research findings. Determine the most effective channels messaging to achieve your objectives
  • Media Planning and Buying: Plan and execute the media buying process, negotiate ad placements, secure optimal airtime slots, and manage budgets.
  • Creative Concept Development: Collaborate with you and creative teams to develop compelling concepts for commercials. This includes scriptwriting, storyboard creation, and production planning to ensure commercials effectively communicate your message and brand ID
  • Production Management: Oversee the production process to create high-quality commercials. Coordinate with production teams, directors, actors, and voice-over artists to bring the creative concepts to life while adhering to the project timeline and budget constraints
  • Ad Placement and Scheduling: Coordinate with TV and radio stations to schedule and place commercials at strategic times and on relevant channels. Optimise ad placements to maximise reach and frequency, ensuring commercials are seen or heard by target audiences
  • Campaign Monitoring and Analysis: Monitor the performance of advertising campaigns in real time, tracking key metrics such as reach, impressions, and response rates. Analyse campaign data to measure effectiveness and identify areas for improvement

Why Champions?

By employing our widely regarded services, you’ll be gaining access to over two decades of advertising experience, benefiting from a plethora of comprehensive solutions to your brand’s commercial needs.

We provide expertise in helping clientele communicate effectively with their intended consumer is what positions us firmly as industry leading growth partners. Our specialist team has curated a multitude of successful TV and radio advertisement campaigns, spanning across all industries with exponential results.


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