To build upon your deal evaluation and due diligence analysis, our growth consultancy work offers an alternate and market leading strategic insight into the true brand equity value of businesses and how to cost effectively maximise their potential value creation returns.
Business Consultancy.

Do you want to increase the value of your latest business investment?

Adding new channels to your current sales and marketing function is just one of the ways to increase brand value, and in turn, increase profitability and market share. We specialise in consumer behaviour and adopt a strategic approach that focuses on your objectives to build and sustain awareness, to differentiate you from the competition and to drive audience engagement to ensure the success of your investment.

Champions (uk) PLC Evaluation.

We help investors and portfolio business leaders alike to understand how their business differentiates itself from its competitors, maximising the brand equity within the business to date and build great brand equity into the future – growing its capital value through greater multiple valuation.

Specialists in business growth

Have you considered more than just fixed assets?

The value of a brand is much more than its debt and profit, and both brand assets and people assets now play a powerful role in the valuation of a business. We work with business investors and portfolio businesses to unlock potential and maximise post-deal investment through strategy, growth plans and multichannel extension, as well as through improving sales and marketing functions.

As well as our strategic offerings, asset reviews and intricate brand audits, our services consider the quality and quantity of sales whilst reducing costs by removing inefficiencies within the sales and marketing plan and delivery.

As a strategic business consultancy and growth partner, we look at:

  • Digital footprint
  • Digital and communications audit
  • Brand ID
  • Marketing channels
  • Customers and database
  • Routes to market
  • Cost to acquisition

Providing a roadmap for business growth

We help our clients prioritise the growth of their businesses.

We look at where it is currently, but also where it could be within the next three to five years, providing actionable recommendations, goals and insights to ensure they get there while maximising their investment. 

As a business consultancy, we understand the need for accuracy and precision when it comes to investment, and we provide you with nothing less. For more than two decades, we have worked with some of the fastest-growing industries in the UK, enabling businesses to increase market share and multiple.

With our business consultancy services, you can:

  • Invest right first time
  • Double turnover without doubling costs
  • Utilise marketing insights and analytics
  • Consider the fastest growing industries in the UK
  • Adopt a digital-first approach to business
  • Measure and accelerate business growth
  • Gain insight and support throughout your business’s lifecycle
  • Increase digital footprint

Our Consultancy Process


Brand Audit

The ultimate brand, sales and marketing due diligence. We’ll look at the existing business, its brand and reputation and all of its existing assets and data, including competitor analysis and channel information to provide our clients with crucial information to aid the next step of business growth.

Brand Value Proposition

We ensure that our plans take the learnings of the audit and put them into practice to build a more efficient and compelling brand. By providing actionable KPIs, the BVP creates a clear future vision whilst increasing sales and margin through greater awareness, greater reach and greater conversion.

Value Creation Plan

By providing a value creation plan, we maximise the value of a business in preparation for its exit strategy, increasing both EBITDA and multiples. Consisting of a detailed and strategic 12-month marketing plan, a value creation plan looks at brand identity, brand collateral, digitisation and technology as well as an impactful launch plan.

Always-On Multichannel Marketing

Adding further value and increasing return on investment, we continue to work with and advise business investors to implement an always-on multichannel approach to accelerate business growth. This will increase sales and margin, EBITDA, market share and multiple whilst reducing cost and removing inefficiencies.
Champions (uk) PLC Digital Strategy

In need of better results?

Increased brand value, EBITDA and market share are the ultimate goals, but you need to know how to get there.

Whether you are set to embark upon a joint venture, a merger and acquisition investment or are seeking support for business growth as a newly appointed business owner, it can be difficult to know where to start. 

We can audit and review your business investment compared to that of industry standard, providing you with a competitive advantage and identifying opportunities for future growth to maximise your return.


From deal valuation and origination to post-deal and exit visions

Champions is an expert business consultancy firm with over 20 years of experience, supporting business investors through every stage of the business lifecycle and growth journey, and providing actionable and measurable strategic solutions.

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