For business investors, the end of the investment journey is the ‘exit’, however, this is just the beginning for the potential new business owner. Whatever stage you’re at currently, and whether you’re an investor or business owner, we’re here to guide and advise on the many exit strategies available.
Champions (uk) PLC Exit.

About to make an exit?

With a plethora of exit opportunities to consider, it can be difficult to make sure the right decision is being made.

There’s a lot to consider when exiting a business, or if you’re a business seeking to provide an investor with an exit – we can assist both businesses and investors in creating and implementing an exit strategy to guarantee profit and success.  

Choosing the right exit strategy is the penultimate task for both investors and business, and often include; 

  • Merger and acquisition 

  • Initial public offering (IPO) 

  • Sell to third parties 

  • Sell to employees 

  • Liquidation 

Whatever you require, as a leading business consultancy, we’re on hand to help aid and support the exit process. 

More than just selling your business

There are both advantages and disadvantages to selling a portion of your business, thus it is important to ensure this is the right decision and more importantly, that it is done in the most appropriate and efficient way.

When done correctly, selling the entirety of, or a proportion of, a business can significantly accelerate business growth and can come with a variety of benefits. These can include; 

  • Allows for expansion and growth 

  • Creates further resources 

  • Reduce risks 

  • Generates a higher ROI

There are also a few things to carefully consider, however, this is where a business consultancy will step in to mitigate any potential risks. These include;

  • Lengthy and time-consuming process
  • Potential to limit freedom
  • Impact staff morale and productivity, thus reducing profit
  • Disagreements may occur with new investors and stakeholders

We're more than your average business consultancy

As well as guiding business owners and investors, we ensure they make the right decisions for them and their business, providing our expert services throughout the exit deal and beyond. Get in touch today for a free two-hour consultation to see how we can help.

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