Communications Audit

Ineffective or confused communications lead to negativity and inefficiency with your business, hindering your ability to attract new customers.
Great communications, on the other hand, can be the key to increasing your business’s success. With our communications audit, we can assess your brand communications in-depth in order to understand the state of play, identifying any areas of support you might need to take your business to the next level.
Communications Audit.

We specialise in creating insightful and tangible Communications Audits

We can create a wide range of audits, including communications audits, to deliver insightful information into your marketing activity.

Champions (uk) PLC Channel Performance Evaluation.
Channel Performance Evaluation
Channel Performance Evaluation

If you’re utilising different channels of communication to support your business activity, it's important that each channel complements the other, and are all working in line to support your goals. 

Outlining your marketing communications objectives

We follow a logical three step process.

Firstly, we begin by getting to know your business and its industry, vision, and objectives. Then, we conduct research on your competitors to understand your relative position. Finally, we can provide you with a comprehensive analysis and offer recommendations around the creation of an in-depth 12-month communications strategy.

With our communications audit services, you can:

  • Drive new business acquisition
  • Strengthen your business voice and message
  • Clearly represent your brand
  • Adapt a consistent tone of voice
  • Find out how to amplify important messages


Step 1

We get to know your business, your industry and your audience and draw you a roadmap to successful, targeted communications.

Step 2

We’ll make sure you are targeting the most effective channels to meet your marketing and overall business goals.

Step 3

We’ll help you to develop messaging that represents your brand accurately with clarity and consistency, while adopting a tone of voice that strikes a chord with your target audience.

Step 4

We’ll continue to monitor the success of your communications activity and provide ways you can enhance moving forwards.
Pattonair - Communications Audit

Internal and external audits

We can offer audits on your internal and external communications.

An external communications audit will evaluate how effectively you engage with your audience, aiming to deepen your impact and drive new business acquisition. An internal audit can help to boost employee engagement, creating a shared sense of purpose and direction within your business.


We create communications audits to establish meaningful and achievable KPIs

Do you know what your business goals and objectives are? A communications audit can help you to figure out exactly what you need to succeed, including building brand awareness, amplifying your messaging, or improving customer retention.  

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