Channel Performance Evaluation

If you’re utilising different channels of communication to support your business activity, it's important that each channel complements the other, and are all working in line to support your goals.
Champions (uk) PLC Channel Performance Evaluation.

Channel Performance Evaluation

With a channels communication audit from the Champions Comms team, you can discover how much value each channel is adding, and any changes you need to make to ensure optimal performance.

Multi-channel marketing communications

Having multi-channel marketing communication methods is a fantastic way to support your business.

However, for businesses with many channels, it can become difficult to monitor the overall performance. Channels can include your website, email marketing, social media, blogging and online brochures.   

We can conduct reviews to then design strategies that help you to craft messages and communicate effectively in order to meet the core communications objectives of your business while using a multi-channel approach.

Champions (uk) PLC Communications Audit

Professional marketing communications audit

Our team of communications experts can apply years of knowledge to uncover new ways to grow your comms activity

The Champions Comms team can conduct a marketing communications audit to uncover the effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, equity and profitability of each communications channel and provide tactics on how you can improve each channel to get the ultimate results from your methods.

What can you expect from a Channel Performance Evaluation?


Define sales objectives

We will begin by defining the unique sales objectives of your company and reviewing of each channel supports them.

Determine channel performance metrics

We’ll choose the right number and type of performance metrics to help monitor and improve the performance of your communications channels.

Set channel targets

Finally, we can set clear channel targets for you to aim towards moving forwards.

We can conduct a Channel Performance evaluation to uncover new ways to grow

The success of your multi-channel marketing communications depends on each channels ability to deliver on the targets. Find out how the Champions Communications team can review your channel performance and help you going forwards.

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