Press Release

A tried and tested method of communications
Press Release.

What is a press release? 

A press release is a piece of content that is distributed to media outlets and publications for the purpose of providing information, official statements, or making a general announcement for the interest of the public. 

Press releases can be used for a wide variety of marketing activities, such as product or service launches, thought leadership, industry news and insights or internal company updates, making them an incredibly versatile addition to your marketing and communications strategy. 

Often written to target specific publications or audiences, press releases deliver topical, relevant, and informative content that can be featured in the likes of online publications, newspapers, magazines, and other major media outlets.  

Leading PR agency

With over 20 years of experience in the PR industry, we can create thought-provoking and engaging press copy to get your business featured in major publications, locally, nationally and globally

As a leading PR agency, we know the importance of writing strong, results-driven press releases for a multitude of clients operating in various industries. We can work closely with you to create informative, engaging, creative or professional press releases to deliver on your goals.  

Our content team will immerse themselves in your brand persona and voice, creating content that accurately reflects your business and communicates the core messages you wish to get across to the media.     


We can create Press Releases to gain immediate exposure

Press releases are an incredibly versatile communications tactic and can produce many positive results for businesses, such as gaining immediate exposure and propelling your brand to the fore of people's attention.   

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