Crisis Management

Prevention is better than cure but, sometimes, circumstances can conspire against us.
Crisis Management.

What is crisis management? 

Dealing with any unanticipated or unpredictable event that threatens your business and/or its reputation, crisis management works by smoothing out the kinks and managing any damages caused as a result.

There are three major elements associated with a crisis – a surprise, a short decision time and, of course, a direct threat to the business. 

Our PR and communications team can work in unison to deal with the crisis at hand, dealing with the immediate negative event and scaling down any impact it may have on the businesses, ensuring our reputation is protected into the future.  

Crisis Management Plans

Crisis management plans

Ensuing we’re always prepared to deal with the unexpected

Crisis management is complex, but the Champions Communications team are very experienced in this area. We take control of the narrative, navigating you through and beyond the minefield and turning negatives into positives. We manage situations quickly and efficiently, with a dedicated, experienced team, backed by comprehensive crisis management plans.   

What can you expect from Crisis Management


Risk analysis

Once we understand the level of crisis we’re dealing with, we’ll begin crisis planning and putting next steps into place.

Crisis planning

We can help to spread the awareness of your product launch further than you could have anticipated, attracting even more customers. 

Crisis management coverage

We’ll do our best to limit the amount of negative coverage you’re receiving and work towards building more positivity around your brand.

We can provide Crisis Management solutions to restore customer confidence

Any commercial impact must be minimised, and the effects mitigated. This requires special skill sets, speedy responses and a great deal of sensitivity and discretion. Find out how the Champions Communications team can help you.

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