Reports and Guides

Creative and educational tools for a wide range of business uses
Reports & Guides.

Corporate reporting 

To make a good impression on your clients, having a branded, professionally designed reporting template can help to convey your points in a clear, concise and engaging way. 

Despite the professional requirement of corporate reporting, corporate reports must still find a way to engage with the audience in order to effectively deliver the desired information. The Champions Creative team can create aesthetic yet professional documents to deliver on both these fronts, representing your business in a modern and positive light.   

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Branded guides

Used as an educational tool for customers, reports and guides can provide your clients with valuable insights while positioning your business as a thought leader in your chosen industry.

From stat-heavy whitepapers to guides and top tips, reports and guides can be added as a PDF to your website, placed on dedicated landing pages or incorporated into blogs to allow your audience to access and digest further information regarding your brand, its offering or wider information on the industry.

We can create Reports and Guides to combine essential information with a creative flair

The Champions Creative team can work closely with you to create branded documents such as reports and guides, allowing you to deliver important points and key messages within uniquely branded documents.

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