eCommerce PPC

PPC is a fantastic way to drive ecommerce sales at a reasonable return, as well as to encourage users to return to your website. 
eCommerce PPC min.

Boost sales and increase monthly revenue 

Keeping you visible alongside competitors and peers at a budget that suits your requirements 

With Ecommerce PPC ads, you can target shoppers, including those who may not already know your brand, whilst they are actively in the market to buy your product. This not only increases your brand's awareness, but also drives those all-important sales. 

Whether you're wanting to promote specific products, drive a particular ROAS through paid activity, or increase sales, Champions can support with a PPC strategy and management campaign to benefit your ecommerce business. 

Ecommerce PPC can allow you to target your audience at a granular level, bringing in only qualified traffic with the intent to buy. Additionally, it can be optimised to suit your budget, producing great results at a cost per sale that suits your business requirements.   

What to expect

Working with Champions, you'll receive simple reports, actionable insights, and valuable growth in visibility and sales.

  • Increase in Online Revenue
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Rise in Brand & Product awareness
  • Greater Return on Investment
  • Reduced Advertising Costs
  • Performance Driven strategy

Our Processes



Defining your campaign objectives, business needs, and target audience to produce an in-depth strategy.


Planning the most effective campaign structure for targeting relevant target keywords and audiences.


Creating, launching and managing your campaign using our PPC expertise.


Analysing performance data and creating an in-depth report that outlines future recommendations.

Greater Visibility. Greater Returns.

Whether consumers make a purchase online or in-store, most buying processes start with a search query.

By developing a successful PPC strategy, you can target customers at the start of their journey and ensure your products provide the answer to their needs.

As a Google accredited PPC agency, we specialise in creating and managing high performing eCommerce PPC campaigns. We work with businesses of all sizes to achieve a greater ROI and a lower advertising spend from delivering highly-targeted PPC campaigns across various channels.

So, whether you are looking to promote a unique product or sell an entire range, we know how to provide the best solution for you.


Ads that make an immediate impact

With the ability to appeal to a wide audience, you can boost sales and brand awareness with a simple campaign. Find out how we can help you. 

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