SEO Audit

Whether you're looking to enhance organic performance in the coming months, have noticed your organic traffic has been falling, or you’re having technical issues with your website, then it might be time to perform an SEO audit.
SEO Audit I min.

Boost your rankings 

SEO is an essential marketing channel that can seriously enhance your online visibility. A strong SEO strategy will increase your organic search rankings and drive relevant traffic to your website.

Champions will conduct an SEO audit to help your business grow and scale. This essential task can uncover any issues with your website, content, and keywords so you can optimise and improve, taking your online presence to the next level and boosting those all-important rankings.  

Having great rankings can do wonders for your website, but sometimes, these rankings can be jeopardised. By performing an SEO audit, you can uncover what is holding you back, so you can work on building those rankings back up.  

We can perform both local and technical SEO audits, depending on where your issues are and what you’re hoping to achieve. Technical SEO checks the health of your website, whereas local SEO audits reveal a local SEO strategy so you can better target, and rank for, location-based keywords.   

The Champions Digital team can decipher exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are, displaying them in an easy-to-understand format and providing you with tangible action points that can be implemented post-audit to grow your digital authority.

Experience the power of Search Engine Optimisation

By optimising your site performance and expanding your reach to a wider target audience, we can generate more leads and revenue for your business.

At Champions, we create long-term SEO strategies that support your company's goals. Whether you are looking for local or global recognition, our SEO Audits are designed to help you achieve a strong ROI and set you well on your way to achieving online success.
  • Reach your audience as they're searching for your services
  • Increase your accessibility to customers
  • Produce high quality leads and sales
  • Improve your brand's credibility with rankings

What's included in an SEO Audit?


Technical Review

Without the fundamentals in place, your website content will never perform as well as it could. Champions gets into the detail of your site's technical performance, providing clear insight and actions to fix any issues.

Local Review

Champions will analyse your website's local ranking performance to help your business increase traffic and visibility. Receive clear recommendations to improve you local listings, along with national rankings.

Keyword Research

Champions will review your current keyword rankings, using this data to highlight areas of opportunity and 'low hanging fruit' so that you can boost performance, quickly.

Gap Analysis

Looking at your content alongside competitors, Champions can highlight areas of opportunity for your brand to increase visibility organically.

Improve your organic performance

An in-depth SEO audit can be just what you need to improve your rankings across the board. Find out how the Champions Digital team can help. 

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