Email Marketing Strategy

We will help you to devise a comprehensive email marketing strategy to ensure you get the results you need to thrive and grow.
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Improve your Email Marketing activity with clear, achievable goals.

The purpose of an email marketing strategy is to help utilise your customer database in a way that generates the highest return at the lowest cost per lead.

As with any successful digital marketing campaign, whether it be social media or email marketing, having a solid strategy in place is the one thing you need to achieve the ultimate success.

The key to a successful email marketing campaign is knowing exactly how to appeal to your target audience, sending them e-shots with information you know they’ll value and be interested in. With an email marketing strategy, we can put together the perfect audience segments for you to target, as well as suggest design templates that will convert and engage your audiences, on subject matters that interest your customers. 

We will work closely with you to identify your goals, both overall and specific campaign based, then build an effective strategy to help you achieve these business targets. 

As part of your email marketing strategy, you’ll receive effective tactics you can apply directly to your campaigns, such as recommendations for scheduling, template designs, AB testing, and much more. 

Whether you're looking to generate sales or increase the quality of your leads and relationships with users, we work alongside your team to constantly improve performance and return. 

Using data to achieve the best results

At Champions, our team of digital experts always have your business goals at the forefront of their mind.

With an understanding of what it is you’re looking to achieve, as well as getting to grips with what customer data you have available, our Email Strategy document will clearly outline what campaigns and segmentations you should implement to see the best return from your email marketing activity and database.

What to expect from our Email Marketing Strategy

  • Recommendations for collecting more email users
  • Suggestions for List and Audience Segmentations
  • Email template design recommendations
  • Scheduling support
  • Campaign outlines
  • Email workflow suggestions and breakdowns

We create Email Marketing Strategies to improve your ROI

Find out how, with the help of an email marketing strategy, you can stand out amongst the competition and increase your conversion rates.

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