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Introducing an ecommerce SEO strategy into your marketing plans can be just what you need to increase those all-important numbers. Whether you're looking to increase sales for a specific product, or want to grow your ecommerce brand organically, Champions has the expertise to support your business goals.  
Champions (uk) PLC ecommerce SEO.

Ecommerce SEO experts 

When creating an ecommerce SEO strategy, Champions prioritise driving quality traffic to your website to ensure sales increase at an efficient ROI.

Your website is the backbone of successful ecommerce SEO campaigns, and so we’ll ensure your site structure and architecture is easily navigated by consumers.   

With SEO for ecommerce websites, you can expect your website visibility to increase, attracting the attention of an even wider customer base and, as a result, increase your sales. Through keyword targeting, backlinking and other best practice ecommerce SEO tactics, we can get you ranking as highly as possible on the SERPs (search engine results pages).   

We’re no strangers to optimising SEO for ecommerce stores from Shopify to Magento, WooCommerce to SqaureSpace we have you covered! With a team of SEO experts on hand, we can run impactful SEO campaigns for your ecommerce store to help you stand out from the crowd and beat the competition.   

Assess, review, and enhance.

What to Expect

Pre-qualify traffic with an optimised website

Our SEO specialists work with leading UK companies to devise long-term strategies that will help their business to grow. With extensive experience in SEO for ecommerce, we tackle underlying technical, content and design issues to improve site performance and overall search engine rankings.
  • Competitive search engine rankings
  • Higher click-through rates
  • Increased number of conversions
  • Original product descriptions
  • Full schema mark-up and smart rich snippets
  • Complete technical optimisation

Our Process


Audit & Analysis

Conducting a full site audit to highlight technical issues and new SEO opportunities.


Using in-depth keyword research to create bespoke strategy provides long-term optimisation.

Content optimisation

Creating a new engaging content schedule and producing more SEO friendly content.

Measuring & Reporting

Tracking and analysing recent changes before creating a detailed SEO performance report.

Ecommerce SEO strategies that cater to your customers' needs

For businesses looking to grow online, attract a wider audience and increase their sales, adopting an innovative ecommerce SEO strategy can deliver on these results and more. Find out how the Champions SEO team can help.  

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