Audience Analysis and User Persona Creation

Truly understanding your audience, and knowing how to speak to them, can be the ultimate key to success.
Champions (uk) PLC Audience Analysis and User Persona Creation.

What is an audience analysis? 

A user persona can be created to improve your product marketing 

An audience analysis allows businesses to gain a deeper understanding of both their current and potential customers in order to improve their marketing strategies, customer experiences and brand perception. We can perform a thoroughly detailed audience analysis for your business, providing you with more knowledge on how to create meaningful relationships with those customers that mean the most.    

What is a user persona?.

What is a user persona?

A user persona is a semi-fictional character that is based around either your current or ideal customer.

The user persona is created by segmenting various forms of demographic data in a bid to improve your product marketing and can be used to grow and improve your business. Personas can be created simply by talking to your users, utilising various demographic and psychographic data, to then improve our product or service marketing as a result.

What can you expect from Audience Analysis and User Persona Creation?


Help you understand key demographics

Is your audience mostly male or female? What is the age bracket? We can help you to understand your key demographics to refine your marketing campaigns and enhance results.  

Track affinities and interests  

Learning and understanding what your audience cares about can give you a competitive edge, and we can help you uncover this vital information.

Find new audiences

Understanding your current audience is the first step, but we can also identify new audiences to expand your reach and broaden your horizons.  

We can create User Personas to help you truly understand your audience

Without a deep understanding of your audience, you may not be able to reach your target goals. The Champions Strategy team can work collaboratively with you to bring you closer to your audience through thorough, in-depth analysis and the creation of user personas.

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