Stakeholder interviews and insight

The right questions to reach the right solution
Champions (uk) PLC Stakeholder Interviews and Insights.

Guiding the successful flow of projects and business success, stakeholder interviews can provide incredibly valuable insights into business goals, while aligning everyone in the business to understand and share these goals. The Champions Strategy team can help you to conduct stakeholder interviews with people who have vested an interest in your project and your business to accelerate business success, align business values and accelerate important projects.  

Why start with stakeholder interviews?

Stakeholders an provide a team with incredibly useful insights into products, market, and business environments. Additionally, your stakeholders will likely be involved in the decision making process in the future. Therefore, it’s important to communicate with them and build their trust form the outset.

Asking the right questions to the right people

With our carefully thought out stakeholder interview questions, we can get a stronger idea of the business, its customers, its products, and goals. Typically, we ask questions such as “what would a successful outcome of this project look like to you?” and “what should this project accomplish for the business?”.  

What can you expect? 

Carefully planned questions 

Depending on your goals, we’ll prepare stakeholder interview questions that ensure the meeting is concluded with valuable insight and information.  


Professional and personable approach 

When our Strategy team conduct stakeholder interviews, we’ll always remain professional yet approachable to create a positive and collaborative environment.  


Effective communication throughout 

We believe communication is key to a successful project, and so we can support the continued communication between you and your stakeholders.