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As one of the leading brand ambassador agencies in the UK, Champions understands the positive impact that celebrities and influencers have on consumer behaviour.
Champions (uk) PLC Brand Ambassadors.

Creating valuable Brand Advocates

At Champions, we have access to thousands of engaging celebrities, influencers, and sportspeople.

Each of our famous faces boasts popular social media platforms and loyal fans, which can be used to benefit your brand. There is no better testimonial than the opinion of your favourite celebrity, so invest in a brand ambassador to reach your customers. The Champions team will source relevant talent for your unique brand, to ensure that all branded content reaches your target consumers. We also go beyond this, taking care of every aspect of your relationship, from drawing up contracts to ensuring targets are achieved. We even nurture the relationship to ensure it remains mutually beneficial and an all-round positive experience.

Using a well-respected, high-profile name to endorse your business and its products/services is a vital aspect of your marketing strategy. Not only can it increase interest from consumers, but it can also help to establish your brand’s image, allowing you to stand out from the competition. Having a ‘face’ for a brand can humanise the brand, whilst also strengthening the brand identity. Brand ambassadors can also become a long-term part of your marketing strategy, further instilling feelings of trust towards your brand. When searching through brand ambassador agencies, choose a team that will deliver, like Champions.


One-Off Campaigns and Long-Term Partnerships

One-off campaigns with brand ambassadors can be a great way to generate widespread buzz and awareness, which is perfect for marketing a new product release, while long-term partnerships can provide businesses with increased opportunities to target potential customers.

We know the value of using talent for all kinds of campaigns and can help you to determine the perfect partnership, and we work with some of the best talent the industry has to offer, helping you to establish the most valuable connections.  

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Enhance your brand message and identity

Here at Champions, our skilled team are experts in helping businesses pair up with the most suitable brand representative.

As your growth partner, we will not only help you to secure a brand ambassador, but we will continue to nurture the relationship, creating an all-round positive experience as well as making sure that it remains mutually beneficial. We also take care of everything else – from ensuring that your targets are achieved to creating contracts to maintain the relationship between you and your talent.
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Work with Influencers

With the growth of social media over recent years, and now over 3 billion users worldwide, brand advocates can open a whole new window of opportunities.

Businesses are now open to a new market allowing them to raise awareness of their brand whilst also opening up to new audiences, through the help of popular social media influencers. The process of turning a social media influencer into a brand advocate has never been easier. It is also an incredibly efficient way to raise brand awareness, which in turn drives sales. Creating buzz around your brand, your brand ambassador will promote your product or service to a large and engaging audience. Working with Influencer Matchmaker, we can help you find the perfect brand advocate for you and your campaign. Together we build partnerships that help you build your brand and take it to where you want it to be.

Find the right talent and brand advocate for you

Together we build lucrative partnerships that take your brand to where you want it to be.

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