Champions (UK) plc Double Conversions for Leading UK Bridal Shop Through Social Media

February 14th, 2024

Lace & Favour, a leading UK-based online bridal shop, approached Champions in need of a strategic reimagining facilitated by our experience and expertise. Consistent yearly growth was made an imperative, as it looked to fortify its digital footprint within the aesthetically driven wedding/bridal industry. 

The Brief

Champions was tasked with a series of core objectives. Lace & Favour required an enhancement of conversion rates, an optimisation of Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), whilst propelling continuous year-over-year (YoY) growth. Given the brand’s solely online nature, a digital marketing enhancement strategy was clearly necessary. 

The Strategy 

We began to prepare our targeted social media strategy, approaching the plan with specific online mediums in mind. 

Social Media Strategy Development

Taking into consideration the visual nature of the bridal market, we meticulously crafted a social media strategy primarily anchored in Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest Ads. These platforms were recognised as pivotal for the development of a brand like Lace & Favour, and our approach aimed to not only drive conversions but also increase brand visibility, a crucial aspect in a market where aesthetics and trends hold paramount importance. 

Over the course of engagement, we yielded remarkable results, with conversions through social media channels and brand visibility across platforms all increasing. 


Pinterest and Meta Campaign

Champions targeted Pinterest in particular given the outlet’s focus on aesthetics, which consumers often utilise to plan their personal artistic choices and designs. The inherent visual appeal played a pivotal role in our strategy. 

We made sure to target the latest, developing Pinterest campaigns, including the 2023 Events/Occasion Wear, showcasing a capability to adapt and cater to evolving trends. 

The ongoing Prospective Meta Campaign also emerged as a standout performer across Facebook, which included major contributors such as the Black Friday 2022 campaign and the broad Conversions Campaign, which highlighted the agility of our strategies in response to current market dynamics.  

Through both these outlets in particular, we drove a substantial increase in online clicks, impressions and engagements, whilst supplementing YoY growth. 

Website Purchase Value Highlights

Our campaigns’ impact extended beyond purely social media and into imperative tangible business results. In 2022, the March Facebook Retargeting Campaign stood out, generating the highest website purchase value seen so far at £133,937.94, with a judicious spend of £14,080.63.  

In 2023, the Events/Occasion Wear Campaign was pertinent within our results, producing a website purchase value of £133,900.97, coupled with a shrewd spending budget of £13,201.87. 

The Results

As a result of the work we have completed for Lace & Favour, the following achievements were accomplished: 

100% increase in conversions through social media channels

100% increase in conversions through social media channels, maintaining a remarkable ROAS of 31.58

34,159 Pin Clicks across Pinterest Ads

34,159 Pin Clicks across Pinterest Ads, indicating a 100% YoY growth

Increase in Clicks & Impressions

Meta campaigns garnered 141K clicks and an incredible 8.79 million impressions

Pinterest Shoes Conversion Campaign

ROAS of 33.67 alongside an impressive 5,216 Pin Clicks

Prospective Meta Campaign

ROAS at 19.61, Black Friday 2022 Campaign: ROAS at 14.65

Overall, Champions meticulously designed social media strategy not only drove notable performance metrics, but also set up Lace & Favour for sustained growth in the competitive bridal market. The success of our Pinterest and Meta campaigns, coupled with a substantial increase in website purchase values, highlights the effectiveness of our tailored approach. 


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