Imagine Cruising Asset Review

Imagine Cruising Asset Review.

August 2nd, 2022



Imagine Cruising, a provider of unique and luxurious cruising experiences, came to Champions with a desire to better understand its assets and how they can be best used to support the continued growth of the brand.

With assets ranging from the website to its various social media channels, it was pivotal for Imagine Cruising to learn more about the importance of consistency in its messaging across different platforms.


The Champions Brand Strategy team created a Brand Value Proposition to assess the sustainability of Imagine Cruising assets, and whether they are being used effectively to communicate the brand messaging and its services.

Looking particularly at the website and its accompanying social media channels, Champions uncovered how they were currently being used to interact and engage with Imagine Cruising’s target audience.

In addition, Champions assessed the graphics used across the social media sites, determining whether they added value and accurately reflected the brand, while positively contributing to the user experience.


Imagine Cruising now has access to a wealth of information regarding its assets and how it can use them going forwards.

Champions recommended that Imagine Cruising adopt a more streamlined approach with its assets, linking them together more closely to allow for a smoother and more connected consumer experience.

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